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Hey Baby!

Hey Baby garments solve real every day problems. The design details throughout every garment provide innovative solutions that make life simpler and more enjoyable for children and their families.

Mess Apron

A better way

"Frustration inspires invention. There is always a better way. There are many products that are functional, but for some reason don’t quite work.

I started looking at what I needed for my children and found myself either making improvements to existing items or starting from scratch and designing new solutions. I believe that life is complex enough so I am actively looking for ways to make it a bit simpler and make time for the important things.

Today I design every Hey Baby garment with the same objective in mind, to make it as good as it can be. When a problem presents itself we design solutions that will make life simpler and more enjoyable for children and their families."

Robyn George-Neich

Contact us

At Hey Baby we welcome enquiries from like minded people who see the market potential for our innovative well made products. We also love feedback from our customers. If you would like to share your thoughts please contacts us using any of the below options

Hey Baby New Zealand
PO Box 14 171
New Zealand

Phone (64) 21 500 917

Buy online today

Time and children are mutually exclusive. Once you have babies you never have time to shop for them. That is why Hey Baby has a 24 hour shop from home option to make life that bit easier for you. Now you can relax, browse our catalogue at a time that suits you. Safe, Convenient, and Efficient, our retail online shop brings the complete Hey Baby range to you. Shop online today for our garments at

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