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Hooded, footed babies blanket - Baby Wrap

Wrap your baby as snug as a bug in a rug with our baby wrap. Swaddle like wings, hat and leggings make this more than a blanket. It is versatile, snugly and perfect for use in car seats, front packs, back packs, buggies and strollers.
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Mother holding baby wearing baby wrap

It's all about the little things

Illustration of the Baby Wrap garment
    Baby Wrap features:
  1. Lightweight trim dries quickly
  2. Half-height hood keeps head warm but doesn't cover eyes
  3. High wings help keep arms inside and cold draughts out
  4. Semi-fitted legs promote movement and warm airflow
  5. Simple velcro fastening can be secured with one hand

  6. Baby Wrap Range includes:
    Baby Wraps made of Fleece, Cotton and Merino

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"I always found it hard... making sure baby's warm, but not too warm, free to move, but not coming apart at the seams! Baby Wrap solves these problems in one all-together, easily adaptable piece... comfort with the freedom to move."

Keep baby snug with our simple, versatile Baby Wrap.

Designed for everyday use, whether out and about or at home - simply slide baby into the wrap, place on the hood, wrap and go!

The feet are enclosed so baby will never suffer from ankle exposure or a lost bootie. No more loose blankets falling off the buggy and getting tangled in the wheels.

It is the ultimate in transportable snugly comfort. Our Baby Wrap has a shallow hood that won't flop over your baby's eyes, and being one piece prevents draughts at the back and neck. It is extremely adaptable and hassle free for the car seat, buggy or front and back packs. If you think baby is over heating, simply unwrap leaving baby strapped in and sleeping!

This essential mother’s aid can be used all year round.