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Hat & Scarf combo - Hat Wrap

Kids hats, beanies, and caps all get taken off and left behind. Not this clever hat and scarf combo where the scarf wraps the hat on. Perfect for keeping your children’s ears, neck and head warm.
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Ages 2 years+

Hat Wrap

It's all about the little things

Illustration of the Hat Wrap garment
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Priced at: NZ$ 23.00

SALE - All $18 while stocks last

Sizing and colour options

    Hat Wrap Range features:
  1. Shaped around the face
  2. Decorative sequin trim optional
  3. Perfect length to balance warmth with practicality

  4. Hat Wrap Range features:
    Fleece Hat Wraps trimmed and untrimmed in Pink, Navy and Red

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"Most kids don’t like wearing hats. So they take them off and leave them where they are playing. After 3 lost hats in 3 weeks I knew there had to be a better way! The Hat Wrap is perfect because the hat is attached to the scarf, it lies unobtrusively at the back of the neck until it is pulled on again."

Our scarf and hat combination is a fun and convenient way to keep warm while out and about, and never lose another hat!

The clever design of the Hey Baby Hat Wrap allows the hood to be worn over the head or pushed back if not needed. The scarf length and shaping around the face have been thoughtfully designed to keep the Hat Wrap simple with maximum warmth. It is a practical alternative to regular hats and scarves.

Our Hat Wrap is suitable for children and adults. They are available either in plain or with a decorative sequin trim to please your princess.

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