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Art, Craft & Baking - Mess Apron

Kids aprons for art, craft or baking protect clothes making messy play fun play. Call it a Art Smock, Art Apron, bib, or coverall, our Mess Apron is easy to use and promotes independence and tactical learning for children. Also available at
Suitable for 2 years to 10 years

Painting in Mess Smock

It's all about the little things

Illustration of the Mess Apron / Art Apron
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Priced at: NZ $33.00

Sizing and colour options

    Mess Apron Range features:
  1. Large pockets for holding essential brushes, pens, spoons
  2. Long sleeve with elastic at the cuff, to keep the sleeve out of the creation
  3. Wide elastic holds the apron on. It is attached at the shoulders, but detachable at the waist

  4. Mess Apron Range includes:
    Mess Aprons are white with navy or red sleeves and pockets

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So Easy

"Being a kid is about having fun, learning new things and making a mess. Being an adult is about having fun, learning new things and cleaning up the mess. I needed a cover-all that did not restrict play, was easy to put on, fun to wear and easy to remove, and that actually covered their clothes."

The Mess Apron makes creative time fun for adults too. It actually protects clothes without restricting fun, mobility, and creativity. It is lightweight, child’s play to put on and take off.

Large pockets are perfect for holding the tools of the trade. Two wide strips of elastic at the back hold the apron in place and out of the way. Elastic in the cuff of the long sleeves means they are a snug but flexible fit.

Made from parka nylon it is easy to wash and it dries quickly to be packed away until next time. Now kids don’t have to care about protecting their clothes, Hey Baby cares.

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