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Rain Cape for babies and kids

Rain in NZ, it’s a given. An alternative to parkas, jackets, and coats is our waterproof rain cape. Easy to use. Baby style has an elastic hem, that fits most car seats. Kids style covers children and their school bags. It is going to rain, don’t let that spoil your fun, be prepared with our waterproof rain cape. Also available at

Rain Cape

It's all about the little things

Illustration of the Rain Cape
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Price Range: NZ $40.00

Suitable for all ages, from baby to adult

Sizing and colour options

  1. Elastic in the hood, provides a snug fit, without having to have strings
  2. Simple velcro fastening, can be secured with one hand
  3. Baby cape has an elastic hem to fit over car seats, buggy and bike seats
  4. Pocket sewn on the back that the cape folds into, a quick shake and it's ready again

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So Easy

"My son would rather get wet than force his arms into rain jacket sleeves or struggle with zips, buttons and ties, so I designed the rain cape. He can put it on in seconds to cover him, his school bag and the school project he was bringing home."

Protecting kids and their possessions from the rain has never been easier than with a Hey Baby Rain Cape. Made with parka nylon it is lightweight, compact and effective, a take anywhere solution for all the family.

Our Rain Cape is designed to cover just about anything, from school bags, to sports uniforms to heavy clothing and jackets and easily packs down into itself to fit in school bags, car seat pockets, picnic bags.

The Hey Baby Rain Cape is very simple to put on, making it suitable for all ages. Our Rain Cape comes in 5 sizes from baby to adult.

The baby rain cape is a full circle, with an elastic hem. All other sizes are tapered to the shoulder.

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