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Toddler Suit

"By the time my adventurer is ready for outside he is so bundled that he can barely move. As soon as he can he is shedding jackets, hats and jumpers. The Toddler Suit is soft, warm and comfortable so he can play without restriction and stay warm. One of the few win-wins I have with my toddler."

Ages 18 months+

Toddler suit

It's all about the little things

Illustration of the Toddler Suit
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Priced at: NZ $40.00

Sizing and colour options

    Toddler Suit Range features:
  1. Attached hood won't cover eyes and keeps out draughts around the back of the neck
  2. Lightweight trim dries quickly
  3. Quick dome fastening
  4. Cape design with attached legs fits over clothes for extra warmth
  5. Soft stretch cuffs keep warmth in around ankles

  6. Toddler Suit Range includes:
    Fleece Toddler suits in Pink, Red and Navy

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Keep your toddler warm and cosy while playing in the cold with our super-soft fleece Toddler Suit.

Our Toddler Suit has been designed for warmth, comfort and freedom of movement. In the cold, when traveling and even on the slopes a Hey Baby Toddler Suit is the convenient way to wrap up and keep the chills out without restricting freedom of movement.

Our all-in-one design is hassle free; the back is one piece, so the kidneys are never exposed to the cold. There are no accessories to lose.

The front is fastened with domes that can be operated with one hand. The quick-dry trims ensure it is incredibly easy to wash and wear.

The Hey Baby Toddler Suit is designed for active toddlers, and parents who want peace of mind that their little adventurer is protected against the elements, but never restricted in their fun. Tested and approved by my toddler!

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